Government grants


TacticSee develop grants funding strategy to support your future projects.



There are over 2000 federal and provincial grants available for all business’  sizes, industries and geographic locations. They vary, in size, timeline, type of  expenditures allowed and funding amounts. Unlike Tax Credits, not all application are accepted as government funding is very competitive due to the limited budget.Each grant is designed to support different government initiative to encourage companies to expand or create new technologies and jobs.

Our team of consultant spend time to map your future expenditures against all available grants to maximize the funding landscape. Grants require the company to apply prior to incurring any project related costs.

Growing Your Business

Expanding in new Markets Expanding your business by scaling or improving your process

Capital Equipment and Green Technology

Purchasing new equipment or software to upgrade your business

Hiring & Training

Funding for the next new hire Training for new and existing employees On the Job training

Research & Development

Creating new or improved technologies Investing in disruptive technologies